Goddess Temple Chili Cook Off and Bake Sale! 10/6/12

Our 3rd annual Chili Cook off will be held on October 6th at 1pm, at Goddess Blessed. Goddess Blessed is located at 15729 Madison Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio 44107

We will have at least 6 different Chilis to taste.

Admission is $10, which will include a tasting of all chilis, and a bottle of water. Sour cream and cheese will also be available to top off your chili.

Our cooks will be Temple members: Sheila, Paul, Diana, Mike, Rhonda, and Melissa. A vegan chili will be available. As in past years, those attending will vote for people’s choice winner and 1st place winner will be chosen by a panel of 3 judges.

Bake Sale:

There will be a table of baked goods of different varieties for sale that day, also to help support our temple. Denise is heading up the Bake Sale committie. We are asking for donations of INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED fresh baked goods. Please dkmetz@live.com for details on how you can help. Traditionally the bake sale makes up a large part of this fundraiser so whatever you can do would be helpful.


Each cook needs to be at the store by 12:00pm with your Chili that is ready to go in a crock pot or self contained warming unit. Also, you need to provide a list of all ingredients, so we have no allergic reactions. You do not need to provide a recipe if you do not wish to.You can bring extra spices if you would like people to be able to spice up your chili even more.


Once again, Goddess Blessed is graciously donating the space for this Temple fundraiser. It is imperative that we have volunteers to help set up at 10am the day of the cookoff and clean up after it’s over.

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